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 seventeen prescription medications, none of which afforded me
 the quality of relief ! obtained from smoking marijuana. Unlike
 marijuanaB many of these drugs also produced serious adverse
 23. When I left the hospital _ was prescribed
 Lioresal. This drug was intended to reduce my spasms. It was
 not very good at reducing spasms. While using it I began to
 experience hallucinations. On two occasions while using this
 drug I saw a large fire in my bedroom and called a neighbor for
 help. When she rushed ins it turned out there was no fire; it
 was all in my head. After the second false alarm, I
 discontinued using this drug.
 24. In addition to reducing and controlling
 spasticity, marijuana also has a number of additional
 benefits. For example, it promotes a restful sleeps helps
 impzove bladde_ control_ and eases the pain associated with
 _5. Unfortunatelys marijuanas in addition to being
 illegal, is. expensive and sometimes hard to find. As the price
 of marijuana has increased it has been difficult for me to
 afford enough to effectively control my disease. When I cannot
 obtain marijuana my condition rapidly becomes worse.
 26. At present I am experiencing severe, painful
 spasms. I have an indwelling catheter in my bladder. I have
 lost my locomotive abilities and am wheelchair bound. I am
 ...... seldom able to find marijuana and when i find it I often cannot
 afford to purchase it.

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