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 openly encouraged their patients to smokeF not a single physi-
 cian was willing to try to secure marijuana legally for their
 patients. Like my doctors these physicians told their patients
 it was too difficult to obtain legal supp!i_s of marijuana from
 the federal government. These physicians were supporting their
 patients _ use of marijuana as a medicine. _owever_ I could'not
 always obtain the marijuana I medically needed.
 19o On May 24_ 1983_ i had an extremely serious
 exaserbation. The attack caused me to lose control over my
 legs and i became a paraplegic° ! could not walk, My eyesight
 dimmed and my general condition grew much worse.
 20. In May 1983_ I returned %:o Massachusetts and
 lived with my parents. During this time I stopped smoking
 21. In an effort to stabilize my condition and
 control the intensep painful spasms I was experiencing, ! was
 prescribed a drug called ACT_ while at the University of
 Massachusetts Hospital. This drugs given intravenouslyF pro-
 vided me wi_h no therapeutic benefits and failed to control my
 spasticity® The drug did_ however_ produce a number of adverse
 effects_ including severe nausea and vomiting which was only
 partly controlled through the use of rectally administered
 anti-emetic drugs,
 22_ During my stay in the University of Massachusetts
 hospital ! was given many different prescription drugs in an
 effort to reduce my spasticityo At one point my mother and !
 made a list of the drugs I had taken. The list included

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