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 function normally. I was surprised when he did not object to
 nor discourage my use of marijuana.
 14. i continued to smoke marijuana during the time !
 was at the University of Massachusetts_ ! graduated in 1976.
 In 1979_ I moved to Connecticut.
 15o After moving to Connecticut I smoked marijuana
 less frequently. In 1980, I began to have a series of exaser-
 bations (i.e.; attacks) that left me partially crippled.
 16. In an attempt to reduce my spasticity and
 reestablish control over my MS, my doctors began to prescribe
 steroids. At first these drugs seemed to help reduce the
 seriousness of the exaserbations. However, my condition con-
 tinued to decline. _ began to see a physical therapist and the
 doctor prescribed a walker for me to use. I was rapidly losing
 my mobility.
 .17. About this time ! met another MS patient. I
 confided to him that I had noticed that smoking marijuana
 helped to control my spasms. I remember thinking i was telling
 him something new and was very surprised when he told me that
 he knew many MS patients who smoked marijuana to relieve
 18. This patient told me he had information on
 marijuana_s use in treating MS and through him I began to _eet
 other MS patients. I quickly found that marijuana was commonly
 used by many MS patients and that nearly every patient who
 smoked marijuana had told his or her doctor. However, while
 none of the doctors advised against smoking marijuana and some

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