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 9. One night in the dorm I went to a friend's
 room. People were smoking marijuana and I took a few puffs°
 Suddenly, I heard my phone ringing and, without thinking_ I ran
 down the hall to answer ito I reached the phone and was
 talking to the caller when I suddenly realized that I had run
 to the phone. But I could not run_ The only thing I had done
 differently was to smoke marijuana.
 10. The next day I approached a friend who did not
 smoke marijuana and asked her to monitor me while I did a
 series of physical exercises. At first I did the exercises
 before I smoked any marijuana. Then I repeated the same
 exercises after smoking marijuana. The difference was obvious
 and overwhelming. My friend agreed and told me that after
 smoking marijuana I seemed to be much more limber and appeared
 to have better control of my balance°
 llŽ During the zemainder of the school year I
 continued to smoke marijuana. My condition improved. The
 marijuana helped reduce the spasticity associated with MS, my
 balance improved_ and i seldom needed to use my cane for
 12. Marijuana improved the quality of my life,
 without causing any serious adverse effects° I encountered no
 serious problems and maintained my grades° My spasms remained
 under Control.
 13o In the summer of 1974_ I told my doctor i was
 smoking marijuana to reduce the spasticity. He listened while
 i explained how my medical use of marijuana allowed me to

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