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 in a couple of days_ I did not know it at the time, but the
 doctor took my mother aside and told her that i was suffering
 from the initial onset of multiple sclerosis ("MS_).
 5o After a _
 few days my left hand and arm became
 normal and i did not think much more about my temporary
 problem. °
 6. About a year later i awoke one morning to
 discover that my left leg was curiously difficult to control
 and could bare'ly support my weight° After a short period of
 time my left leg improved, but remained weak. _owever, I did
 not think of it much_
 7. In the summer of 1973 I had. a physical
 examination prior to entering the Univeraity of Massachusetts
 in Amherst. At the conclusion of this examination I learned
 for the first time that I had MS. The doctor noticed the
 problem ! had with my left leg and presc:_ibed a cane for me to
 use when walking was difficult° Needless to say, I was deeply
 shaken by this news.
 8". In the fall of 1973 I attended the University of
 Massachusetts_ as planned. However, my condition was not
 good. i could not ride a bike, run, jog, jumps or engage in
 other physical activities which required stamina and balance_
 Often ! lost my balance while walking. [£t was not long before
 I became a "wail walker", walking close to a wall and touching
 it with my hand to retain a sense of balance. I was forced to
 use my cane more and more often as my gait became increasingly

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