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 71. In all the time I have been smoking marijuana_ !
 have never become chemically dependent on the drug. When I
 stop smoking marijuanas I do not experience any withdrawal
 symptoms_ My MS just starts acting ups
 72. I have never experienced any serious adverse
 effects due to my use of marijuana. Compared to ACTH, Valium,
 and many of the other steroids_ tranquilizers_ and sedatives
 prescribed to MS patients, marijuana is the one of the safest,
 most benign drugs that I have used. It has also provens in
 dramatic wayss to be the single most effective drug available
 for relieving the symptoms of my MS.
 73° I do not like breaking the law. I do not like
 being forced to pay terribly inflated prices for an unregul-
 ated, uncontrolled product® I do not like.having to purchase
 marijuana from drug dealers and I do not: like having to use
 marijuana without medical supervision_
 74. However_ i do like to wa3. ks talk, writes reads
 and see. Marijuana allows me to do these simple, human things
 by controlling the symptoms of my MS.

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