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 walk completely unaided. These may seem smalls insignificant
 things to someone who has never been bedriddens crippled_ and
 unable to move or speak. To me these Small acts are miracles.
 67_ I realized that smoking marijuana when I feel an
 attack coming on shortens the attacks With some work I have
 been able to refine this approach to the point where I seldom
 encounter serious spasms or other MS symptoms.
 68. Recently I went to my doctor for a physical
 examination_ He marveled at the tremendous improvements in my
 physical health and mental outlook. On a scale of one to one
 hundred, he said I was at about ninety-five which is more
 "normal" by far than the day in 1974 when I met him.
 69o I again told my doctor that I was smoking
 marijuana and that I owed my greatly improved condition to
 marijuana. My doctor no longer tells me that marijuana is
 useless. He ended our last meeting by looking me in the eye
 ...... and telling me to keep doing whatever it is I am doing because
 it works.
 70. ! am now exploring whether my doctor will try to
 obtain legal access to marijuana for my medical use through the
 Food and Drug Administration's "Compassionate IND _ process. I
 understand this is an extraordinarily complicated procedures
 but feel assured that legal access to marijuana is probably in
 my best long-term interest.

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