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 62_ When I arrived my brother showed me a newspaper
 article about an MS patient in the State of Washington who
 challenged the law against smoking marijuana by claiming that
 his use of the drug was a _medical necessity _. The court
 agreed, declaring marijuana could be a drug of nmedical
 necessity _ in the treatment of MS.
 63. I was astonished. ! suddenly knew that I was
 not the only MS patient smoking marijuana and getting medical
 relief. That alone was a startling realization; I was not
 alone. But even more astonishing 4_ doctors, researchers, and
 other MS patients had supported Mro Diana's claim and the court
 had ruled in his favor.
 64_ That was the last time I wondered if the mari-
 juana caused my condition %o improve, i started smoking on a
 regular basis with no more breaks to prove to myself or someone
 else that marijuana was he!pful_ After years of listening to
 my doctor and my wife and dismissing what my body was telling
 me, I started listening to my body.
 65. For the past seven years my MS has been well
 ...... controlled. The only time I experience spasms or other serious
 symptoms is when I run out of marijuana and cannot find and/or
 afford more. The longest I have been without marijuana during
 this period is two weeks.
 66° My doctor has been astonished by my tremendous
 recovery° While most MS patients grow progressively weaker and
 more crippled_ I have gone in the opposite direction. I can
 actually runs I can stand on one foot with my eyes closed. !

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