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 obvious. Just to show myself it was not really the marijuana
 that was helping I decided to stop smoking again for another
 six months.
 57. As soon as I stopped smoking my condition
 stopped improving. Gradually at firsts then with increasing
 speed I began to have spasms. Within a few weeks I was unable
 to walk without a caner then a walker. Then I became bed-
 ridden. I did not smoke marijuana for four months. My condi-
 tion became worse daily. I decided tha_z I needed to start
 smoking again.
 58° When I started smoking marijuana my condition
 stabilizedt then began to improve. I was happy but very
 confused. When I regained some mobility; I went to see my
 brother who teaches and has a science background_
 59_ After I finished explaining how marijuana seemed
 to help me, my brother mentioned that marijuana was being used
 for the treatment of glaucoma, an eye d_sease which causes
 blindness. I wondered if glaucoma had anything to do with my
 vision problems.
 ..... " 60. I continued to smoke marijuana until my condi-
 tion improved. Then ! would stop smoking. For reasons I
 cannot explain, it was very difficult for me to believe that
 marijuana was really the key to these dramatic changes in my
 61® Around 1980_ my brother called and asked if I
 knew Sam Diana° I said no. My brother told me to come to his
 house right away.
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