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 52° Within a few weeks after I began smoking
 marijuana on a daily basis i became semi-ambulatory. First, I
 regained the ability to sit Upo Then_ with help, I could get
 out of bed. Then ! began walking on my owns unaided°
 53_ I continued smoking and as strength returned to
 my legs I began walking mores finally going outside° With some
 effort, but without helps I was soon walking half a block.
 54. The longer I smoked marijuana the better I got.
 ! regained strength as ! got more exercise. I could nob roll
 njoints" yet but smoked several pipefuls of marijuana each
 day. The improvement was dramatics My eyesight returned to
 normal. My central field blindness cleared up. I was able to
 focus well enough to read again.
 55. After smoking for six months all of my MS symp_
 toms were greatly diminished° My spasms were nonexistent. I
 had good control over all my limbs. I regained the ability to
 write, reade and walk. i began to interact with people
 again. One evening I went out with my children andr for the
 first time in two years_ showed them how to kick a soccer
 ball. I could kick a ball_ I felt reborn°
 56. I became so n_ell_ that 3[ could not really
 believe marijuana was responsible. Marijuana was something !
 did for fun -= a social drug. Simply p_t_ I did not believe
 that a drug as simple and safe as marijuana could be responsi-
 ble for such a startling improvement° The fact that my doctor
 and my wife continued to laugh at the idea that marijuana was
 helpful made it all that much easier for me to ignore the
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