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 doctors and nurses, all frantically saying things to each
 other. They asked me questions I am not sure I heard_ When !
 tried to respond I could not speak.
 .... 39. Medical records indicate that I nearly died that
 day° The lab report indicates that there was a nearly total
 absence of potassium in my body. I was given massive injec-
 tions of potassium in the emergency room and placed on an oral
 potassium supplement.
 4G. This experience caused me to become deeply
 disenchanted with drugs, doctors, and hospitals. I knew I
 could not handle many more "adverse reactions" and decided that
 my medical treatment was more dangerous than my MS. I stopped
 taking all steroid drugs, but continued using Valium and other
 mood-altering drugs in an effort to control my severe spasms.
 41. Some days ! would be semi-ambulatory. Most days
 I was completely bedridden. My eyesight became very blurred
 " .... and I lost all ability to focus. Unable to walk, reads or be
 with my familyf I became very depressed.
 42. Unable to do anything else_ I began smoking
 ..... marijuana. It helped relieve the boredom. During the course
 of a day I might smoke 4 to 6 "joints_ _ usually sharing them
 with friends. I just wanted to get _high."
 ...... 43° One evening some old friends came to visit and
 we smoked several _joints. _ When my friends got up to leave, I
 stood up to say goodbye. Everybody in the room suddenly
 stopped talking and stared at me. At first I could not under-
 stand what was wrong. Then i realized I was standing; that I
 O n 4 3

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