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 20. At the end of three months of ACTH therapy, the
 maximum recommended_ my doctor telephoned and told me to dis-
 continue the ACTH injections° He made an appointment to see me
 in his office.
 21. After three months of intensive therapy_ my
 condition was barely improved. I could not walk unaided and
 could only manage to Move about if supported by my wife while I
 used a cane or walker°
 22. The following week I kept my appointment, but
 staggered into the doctor's office. After a thirty-minute
 examination, it was clear the ACTH had not been as effective as
 the doctor had hoped. He told me that % had no choice but to
 immediately go back on to ACTH therapy for another three
 23. He was obviously concerned about this form of
 therapy and was careful to inform me of some of the potential
 adverse effects associated with long-term steroid therapy.
 These risks included the possibility of sudden heart attack or
 death due to respiratory failureo In an effort to reduce fluid
 retention, he also prescribed a powerfu3_ diuretic, Hygroton.
 He explained that the diuretic could cause kidney stones and in
 some cases death due to renal failures
 24. With grave reservations _[ agreed to continue
 using ACTH for another three months. My doctor doubled the
 25. This increasingly intense therapy provided few
 noticeable benefits. However, adverse effects became very

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