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 15. I returned home and was bedridden. When it came
 time to go to the doctor's offices I was not able to keep the
 appointment because I was not strong enough to make the trip.
 The doctor arranged for a nurse to come to ou_' home and show my
 wife how to inject me with ACTE.
 16. Shortly after returning homer while I was
 bedridden_ some friends came to visit° While they were there
 we smoked a few marijuana cigarettes. After smoking marijuana
 I felt better, but attributed the effects to the mild "high."
 i noticed some lessening in my spasms but attributed this to my
 daily injections of ACT_.
 17_ I smoked marijuana occasionally during this
 period. ! smoked to get _high_ not for any medical bene-
 fits. My spasms lessened but.! remained bedridden. Whatever
 beneficial change occurred in my MS I attributed to the ACTH
 18o However, I was beginning to encounter the
 dangerous adverse effects associated with chronic_ high dose
 steroid therapies. ! retained fluids_ became bloated, and
 rapidly gained weight. Within six weeks of starting ACTH
 therapy my weight soared and I gained between 90 and 100
 19o ACT_ made me ravenously hungry and I ate
 constantly. ! began having sleepless nights_ I started losing
 my concentration. My mental attitude was dismal and I became
 depressed. I was beginning to experience rapid changes in

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