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 that he suspected I might have a brain tumor. ! went to
 the hospital°
 1Do I was admitted to Genesee Hospital in Rochester,
 New York_ later that morning° I remained hospitalized for
 seven days of intensive observation and a battery of medical
 tests_ My care was turned over to a multi-disciplinary group
 of physicians headed by a neurologist. The tests included
 numerous x-rays and other diagnostic evaluationsf including a
 spinal tap.
 12o While in the hospital_ I began receiving ACTH by
 intravenous injection. This is an intensive form of steroid
 therapy. During this times I lost all control over my limbs
 and experienced severe, painful spasms. My arms and legs
 became numb. i could no longer walk.
 15o ACTH did not seem to have any beneficial effects
 and made it difficult for me to sleep. My appetite increased
 dramatically and I began to retain fluids.
 14. On the day in April, 1974, when I was released,
 I had a meeting with the neurologist who was supervising my
 care. He informed me that I was suffering from multiple
 sclerosis (_MS"), a progressively crippling nerve disease. The
 neurologist explained there was no known cure for MS, but told
 me that drugs like ACT_ showed some promise in helping to slow
 the progress of the disease. He then told me to go home and
 get plenty of rest. He made an appointment to see me in his

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