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 7. When my supervisor left, a co-worker and close
 friend who shared my office began asking me additional ques-
 tions about my health. When I told him that I had seen a
 doctor who prescribed a megavitamin therapys my friend
 suggested that I obtain a second opinion° At first I was
 reluctant but then agreed to seek a second opinion. My friend
 then telephoned another physician and made an appointment to
 see him at once. We left for the doctor's office. I
 appreciated my friend's concern but felt he was being an
 8. When we got to the doctor's office I walked into
 the waiting room and fell flat on my face. I cut my knee and
 it began to bleed. The nurse and my friend helped me tO my
 feet and steadied me. The nurse guided us into the doctor's
 office. When I tried to stand on my own, I fell again.
 9_ The doctor, a general practitioner, conducted a
 very brief examination and asked me a number of questions about
 my balancer previous fails_ and other problems. I had sharp
 spasms in my legs and they felt numb. ][ told the doctor I
 could not tell where my feet were without looking at them. The
 doctor asked me for my wife's telephone number. I gave him the
 numbers then asked why he wanted it. I listened while he told
 the nurse to telephone my wife and tell her to meet us at the
 10. I remember thinking that I did not need to be
 hospitalized. I started to protest but the doctor said it was
 absolutely essential° When I demanded to know why, he told me

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