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 as neuritis and recommended that I take some vitamin supple-
 ments, especially B compounds. He said the numbness in my hand
 would clear up in a few days_
 4_ Within a week the numbness in my hand was gone
 and I thought no more about its _owever_ ! began to have
 problems maintaining my balance and sometimes had trouble
 walking. Some of my co-workers began to notice these
 problems. By the early spring of 1974, my health was much
 worse. However, I continued taking my B vitamin complex and
 thought things would improve.
 5. My stumbling and falling and my inability to
 maintain my balance became an office joke. When I stumbled
 into the office in the mornings other employees would
 laughingly ask me if I had a _rough night_ At first I thought
 they were just kidding. Then, one morning while walking to my
 desks I stumbled in front of my supervisor. He looked shocked,
 said he noticed that I had been having a lot of problems with
 my balance and asked me if I had been drinking. I told him
 that I had not.
 6. My supervisor then asked me why I was not
 writing any orders. I had been one of his better performing
 salesmen. I told him I was finding it increasingly difficult
 to write_ I did not tell him I was barely able to write at
 all. He then asked why I was not making as many calls to
 clients as I had in the past. i explained that numbness in my
 legs made driving difficult_ sometimes impossible. My super-
 visor did not seem satisfied with these explanations.

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