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 Based upon the foregoing facts and reasoning, the administrative law judge
 concludes that the provisions of the Act permit and require the transfer of
 marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule If, The judoe realizes that strong
 emotions are aroused on both sides of any dlscussi()n concerning the use of
 n._r_juana, llonetheless it Is essential for this Agency, and its Administrator,
 calmly and dispassionately to review the evidence of record, correctly apply the
 law, and act accorc_Ingly.
 Marijuana can be ha_ful. Marijua.na is abusecio But the same is true of
 dozens of drugs or substances which are listed in :Schedule II so that they can
 be employed in treatment by physlclan.s in proper c_ses, despite theiroabuse
 poteni al.
 Transferring n_arijuana from Schedule I to Schedule If will not, of course,
 :i make it In_ediately available in phar_acles throughout the country for legiti_
 mate use in treat_nt. Other government authorlti_s, Federal and State, v_i_l
 doubtless have to act before that mlght occur. But this Agency is not charged
 with responsibility, or given authority, over the _yrlad other regulatory
 decisions that may be requlred before marijuana can actually be legallj6 av_il--
 able. lllis _genc_ is cohF_r_._-:_l_0 _ deter_rinf_g_'the plec_n_nt of marijuana
 (k pursuant to the provisions of the Act. Under our system of laws the responsi-
 bilities of other regulatory bodies are the concerns of those bodies, not of
 this Agency.
 ,,_. :) There are these whoa in all sincerety, argue that the transfer of marijuana
 C C)"

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