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 "Free gi_:,:_:rf_e Age_y's case aga_ns_ reco_zi._g _arijuana_s acceptance as
 safe _s to asse_ that more studies, _ore tests are needed, The Agency has _,
 presented h_fghly.quaT_fie_L and re_pected expe_s_ ;researchers and others, who
 hold that v_ew, But, as demonstrated _n _he d'_sc_ssion in Section V above, ii:
 _s unrea'lls_'_c a_nd unreasonable _o require unanimity o? oplnio_ on _he quesi_on -_
 con?ron_ng us. For the reasons there ° indicated, acceptance by a sign_fiica_t
 :._ m_nority_ d_or_ _s a]3 that can reasonably be required, This record _akes
 i_ abundantly clear thai; such acceptance ex_s _n the United $_ates_
 Findings are made above wgth respect to the safety o? _edlca_y supervised
 ._e of marljuana by glaucoma patients, Those flndlngs are relevant to the safety
 i_e even though the administrative ]a_ judge does _ot find accepted use in _
 treatment of glaucoma _o have been sho_,
 Based upon _he facts established in thiis record and set out above one. must
 reasonably conclude that i_here is accepted safety foc _se of marijuana under
 medical supervision. To conclude othe_ise, o_ this record, would be unreasonable,
 arbitrary and capricious°

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