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 under _dtcal supervision˘ _ Randatl has smoked ten marijuana c_garettes a
 day during that period withered., a,y.evi_ce of adverse mental or physica, l effects
 from !t,
 34. John C. Merritt, M,D,_ an expert in ophthalmology_ who has
 treated Robe_ Randall and others with marijuana for glaucoma, accepts marijuana
 "_ as belng safe f_._se in such:;_treatmento
 _. Deborah B, Goldberg, MoDe, formerly a researcher in ontology and
 now a practicing physician, having worked with many cancer patients, observed
 them, and heard many tell of smoking marijuana successfully to control emesis,
 acc_.pts marijuana as proven to be an extremely safe anti-emetic agent° When
 compared with the other_ highly toxic, chemical substances routinely prescribed
 to cancer patients, Dr. Goldberg accepts marijuana as clearly safe for use under
 medical supervi, siono (See finding 17_ above°)
 36, Ivan $ilverberg_ M.O_ booard certified _n ontology and practicing
 that specialty In the San _ranclsco area, has accepted marijuana as a safe
 anti=emitic when used under medical supervision, Although illegal, it is
 commonly used by patients In the San Francisco area with the knowledge and
 acquiesence of their doctors who readily accept it as being _afe for such use°
 37. It can be Inferred that; all of the doctors and other health care
 professionals referred to in the findings in Sections V, Vl and V!I_ above, who
 tolerate or permit patients to self-_ddminister illegal marijuana for therapeutic
 benefits accept the substance as safe for use under medical supervision.
 i_ _ _ _ _'! _,

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