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 matic hepatitis (fatal and nonfatal). The list of _)ublethal toxic reactions
 also underscores just how dangerous Dantrium can be., The PDR, in part, notes
 Dantrium commonly causes weakness, general malaise and fatigue and goes on to
 note the drug can also cause constipation, GI bleeding, anorexia, gastri.c irrita®
 _ tlon, abdominal cramps, speech disturbances, seizure, visual disturbances,
 di.plopla, tachycardla, erratic blood pressure, _ntal confusion, clinical depress
 "I °
 sion, renal disturbances, _lya g_a, feelings of suffocation and death due to
 _:_ I i vet fai Iure.
 29. The adverse effects associated with L'{oresal baclofen are somewhat
 less severe, but include possibly lethal conseqoences, even when the drug is.
 ...... properly prescribed and taken as directed. The range of sublethal toxic reactions
 is similar to those found with Oantrium.
 30, Norman E. Zinberg, H=D., one of Dr_ Well's colleagues _n the 1968_
 "_ study mentioned in finding 2, above, accepts marijuana as being safe for use
 under medlcal supervision. %?°it were avail'able by prescription he would use it
 for appropriate patients.
 ' 31_ Lester Grinspoon, H°D,, practicing psychiatrist, researcher and
 Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical :School, accepts: ma_juana as
 safe for use under _dical supervision, He belleves its safety is its greatest
 <-_" advantage as a medicine in appropriate cases.
 32. Tod H_ Mikuriya, H.D,, a _Fchia.trist pcact_ci_g, iA B_rkley,_
 California who treats substance abusers as _npai_ents and outpatients, accepts
 C; marljuana as safe for use under _dical supervision,
 33, Richard D. North, M,D,, who has treated Robert Randall for glaucoma
 with marijuana for nine years, accepts marijuana as safe for use by his patient

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