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 use of th_se-chemic3ts mge_Ccs. _ptte these high risks, _1 of these drugs are
 consi der_"_safe _ for. _ =_d_r m_df_l _pervisi on and ar_ .r_g_l ar.)y ._dm_ _i _ered
 to patients on.doctorSs o'_::t_r's __.i_the U_ed_.States todays
 18. )ere have been occasional Instamces of panic reaction In patients
 who have smoked marljuama. These have _curred in marijuana-naive persons,
 _._. _$ual)y _oldm.z' persoms,.wbo_:are_extremely amxious over the forthcoming chemotherapy
 .";camd_roubled over the i3)egalli:y of their hav_ng obtained the marijuana. Such
 persons have responded to simple person-to®person communication with a doci_or
 and have sustained no long term mental or physical damage° If marijuana could
 be legally obtained, and admlmistered in an open, medicBlly-supervised session
 rati_r than surreptitiously, tlie few instances of such adverse reactiom doubtless
 _ould be mduced in number and severity_
 lg. Other reported sideeffects ofm_rijuama have been minimal o Seda_
 _Ion oftem results. Sometimes mild euphoria is experiencedo Shor_t periods of
 )ncreased pulse rate and of dlzz_ness are occasionally experienced. I_arijuama
 should not be used by persons anxious or depressed or psychotic or _ith certain
 other health problems, Physicians could readily screen out _uch patients if
 marijuana were being employed as an agent under medical supervisiom_
 ZO, All drugs have "side effects" and all drugs used in medicine for
 their therapeutfc benefits have unwanted, unintended, sometimes adverse effects°
 21, In radical treatment "safety" i_ a relative term_ A drug deemed
 "safe" for use in treating a. llfe_threatening disease might be "unsafe" if pre_
 scribed for a patient „ith a minor ailment. The concept of drug "safety" is
 relative, Safety is measured against the consequences a patient would confront
 in the absemce of therapy, The determinatiom of "safety" is made in terms of

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