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 active substances Known to man. 8y any measure of rat_ona3 analysis marijuana
 can be safely used within a supervised routine of _edica_ care.
 17. Some of the drugs most widely used in chemotherapy treatment of
 cancer have adverse effects as fol3ows:
 Cisplatin, one of the _ost powerful chemo_
 therapeuic agents used on humans = may cause deafness;
 may lead to life-threatening kidney difficulties and
 kidney failure; adversely affects the body=s immune
 system, suppressing the patienl_'s ability to fight
 _.-_. host of common i nfections.
 Nitrogen Mustard, a drug used in therapy for
 Hodgki'_ disease _ nauseates; so toxic to the skin
 that, if dropped on the skin, this chemical literally
 eats it away along with other tissues it contacts; if
 _:. patient's intravenous lead slips during treatment and
 this drug gets on or under the skin the pe_tient may
 suffer serious injury including temporary_ and im
 extreme cases, permanent, loss of use of the arK.
 Procarbizine, also used for Hodgkins disease-
 . has knownps'-_-_nic, i.eo, en_otiona1_ effects.
 _Z_.9_j_, al so known a_ Cyc] ophosphani de
 suppresses patient's i_an_ne syste_ response; results
 in serious bone marrow depletion; st:udies indicate
 this drug may also cause other cancers, including
 : cancers of the bladder.
 Adr_amycan, has numerous adverse effects; is
 dlfficu_ to employ in long term therapies because it
 destroys the heart _Jscle.
 ': While each ol_ these agents has its particular adverse effects, as indicated
 above, they also cause a number o? siim_'_, dist_'b;E_gLadverse effects. Most of
 thesedrugs cause hair loss. _udies _ncreaslng_y indicate all of these drugs
 ": may cause other for_s of cancer, Death due to k'id_ey, heart or respiratory
 failure is a very real poss_b_litj/ _ith all of these agents and the margin for
 error is minimal. Similarly, there _s a danger of overdosing a patient weakened
 < by his cancer. Put simply, there is very great risk. associated _ith the medical

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