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 Width respect to whether or n_ there ls _a lack of accepted_ safety for usa
 of [marijuana] under medlcal supervislon _, the record shows the following facts
 • , _ be uncontrover_ed,
 Findings of Fac! _
 l o R_chard J_ Gralla, M.Oo_ an oncologi_t and Professor of _edic_e
 who:Was an Agency witness, accepts that _n _r_atlng cancer patients oncologists
 _use the cannabinoids with safety desplte their side eff_cts_
 2_ Andrew T. Wail, M.Do, who _ow practices medicine in Tucson_
 Arizona and is on _he facility o_ the College o? _ledicine, University of
 Arlzo_ia, was a _mber of the f_r_t tea_ of researchers to perform a Fec_eral ,>
 Government authorized study into the effects of marijuana on hu_a_ subjects.
 This team _ade its study in ]g68_ These researchers determined that marijuana
 could be safely _s_ under n_dical _upervlsion_ _n the 20 years Since thee Dro _,
 Wail has seen no Information that _o_Id cause him to reconsider that co_clusio_
 There is no question in his _ind but that _arij_ana i$ sa_ for use _nder
 appropriate medical supervisiono
 3. The _st obvious concern _hen dealing with drug safety is the
 possibility of lethal effects.. Can the drug cause death?
 4_ Nea_?ly all medicines have to×ic_ potentially lethal effects. But
 marijuana is not such a sub_ta_Ceo There _s no record i_ the extensive medical
 literature describing a proven, documented cannabis-induced fatality

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