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 i mpai ri rig.: his facu)_ti:e_.. Who he-.wa.s sm_k:ing ma_fj_Bna. _gv,-I _ly' he, was more
 : active, _lert and outgoing°
 35° Marijuana controlled his spasms so well that Branstetter could go
 out with f_t_f_encls ar_.:_:._: began.to play bf.lliards again_ The _onger he smoked
 _:_". :;._ij._:tffle_o_'_ h_ _as able "to use his arms and hands. Marijuana also
 .... improved his bladder control and bowel movements_
 36. At times the illegal marijuana Bramstetter was smoking became very
 expensive and sometimes _as umaveilableo During periods when he did aot have
 _m_mfjuana his spasms would return, preventing Branst_tter from living a "normal _'
 • _ life, He would begin to shake uncontrollably, his body would feel tense, and
 his muscles would spasm.
 37,: _n 1979 Branstetter was arrested and convicted of possession of
 marijuana. He was placed o_ probation for two year_o During that period h_
 • continued smoking marijuana and truthfully reportd this, and the reason for it;_
 to his probatiom officer whenever asked about it. Ro action was taken against
 Branstett_r by the court or probation authorities because of his continuing use
 of marijuana, except once in the wake of his publicly testifying _bout it before
 the Missouri legislature. Th_n, although adverse action was threatened by the
 judge, nothing was actually donee.
 38. tn IgBl Bramstetter and a friend, a paraplegic, participated in a
 research study testing the therapeutic, effects of synthetic THC on spasticity°
 Placed on the THC Branstetter found that it did help control his spasms but
 appeared to became less effective with repeated use. Also, unlike marijuana,
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