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 His central ?ield blindness cleared up, He could focus well enough to read
 ......__ again, One evening he went out with his children and found he could kick a
 soccer ball again,
 2S. Paufler has smoked marijuana regularly since Igso, Since that
 _ time his multiple sclerosis has been well controlled, His doctor has been
 astonished at Paufler|s recovery. Paufler can no_ run° He can stand on one
 foot with his eyes closed. The contrast with his conditio_ several years ago,
 _. seems miraculous. Smoking marljuana when Paufler feels an attack coming on
 shortens the attack. Paul!eras doctor has looked Paufler in the eye and told
 him to keep doing whatever it is he_s doing because it works. Paufler and his
 doctor are exploring the possbility of obtaining a_ compassionate IND to provide
 legal access to marijuana for Paufler.
 26. Paufler lear_ed in about IgBo. of the success of one Sam Diana, a
 c multiple sclerosls patient, in asserting the defer_se of _medical necessity _ in
 court when charged wlth uslng or possesslng'marijuana. He learned that doctors,
 researchers and other multiple sclerosis patients had supported Diana's position
 in the court proceeding.
 27. Irwin Rosenfeld has been diagnosed as having Pseudo Pseudo Hypoparao
 thyroldism. This uncommon disease causes bone spurs to appear and grow all over
 c:_ the body. Over the patlent_s lifetlme hundreds of thaw spurs can_ grow, any one
 of whlc.h_can b_,o_.malignant at any tl_... The resultlng cant,at would spread
 q_ici_l_ and the patient _uld dle.
 '_-_ 28, Even without development of a _alig_ancy, the disease causes enor_
 _us pain. The spurs press _pon adjacent body tissue, nerves and organs. In
 Rosenfeld*s case, he could neither sit still nor _le down, nor could he walk,

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