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 d rugs.
 18. Another drug prescribed for her was L. ioresal, intended to reduce
 her spasms. It was not very effective in so doing° But it did cause Ms, Hirsch
 to have hallucinations, On two occasions, while using this drug, Ms, Hirsch
 "saw" a large fire in her bedroom and called for help. There was no fire. She
 stopped using that drug. Ms. Hirsch has experienced no adverse reactions with
 ]g. Ms. Hirsch's doctor has accepted marijuana as beneficial for her,
 He agreed to write her a prescription for it, if that would help her obtain it.
 She has asked him if he would file an [ND application with FDA for her, He
 replied that the paperwork was "ove_helming", He indicated willingness to help
 in this undertaking after Ms, Hirsch found someone else willing to put the papers
 work together,
 _'_ 20. When Greg Paufler was _n his early twenties, empioyed by Prudential
 %nsurance Company, he began to experience the first symptomsof multiple sclerosis°
 His condition worsened as the disease intensified, He had to be hospitalized,
 He lost the ability to walk, to stand. Diagnosed a_ having multiple sclerosis,
 a doctor prescribed ACTH for him, an intensive form of steroid therapy. He lost
 all control over his limbs and experienced severe, painful spasms. His arms and
 ....... legs became numb.
 21._ ACTH had no beneficial e_fects_. The eector c_rcfn_edL to prescribe
 it over many months. ACTH made Pautqer ravenously hungry and he began gaining a.
 great deal of weight. ACTH caused fluid retention and Paufler became bloated,
 rapidly gaining weight. His doctor thought Paufler should continue this steroi_
 therapy, even though it caused the adverse effects n_entioned plus the possib]ity
 " of sudden heart attack or death due to respiratory failure° Increased dosages
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