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 appetite, It helped ease and control her spasticity_ Her limbs were much easier _
 to control, After three months of smoking marijuana she could walk unassisted_
 had .regained all of her lost weight, her seizures became almost nonexistent.
 She could again care for her children, She could drive an automobile again°
 She regained the ability to lead a hotel filed
 -12_ Concerned that her use of this if'legal substance might jeopardize
 the career of her Navy officer husband, Mrs, Cover stopped smoking marijuana
 E'..r_ several times, Each tlme she did so, after about a month, she had retrogressed
 to the point that her multlple sclerosis again had her confined to bed and wheel_
 chair or skateboard, As of the Spring of 1987 Mrs, Cover had resumed smoking
 .... marijuana regularly on an =as needed" .basis, Her multiple sclerosis symptoms
 are under excellent control, She has obtained a full-time job, She still needs
 • a wheelchai°r on rare occas'ion_ but generally has full use of her limbs and can
 .... :. walk around With relative ease,
 13, Mrs, Cover's doctor has °accepted the effectiveness of marijuana in
 her ca. se° He questioned her closely about her use of it, telling her that it i_
 the most effective drug known in reducing vomlting_ Mrs_ Cover and her doctor
 are now in the process of filing an Investigatlonal New Drug (IND) application
 with FDA so that she can legally obtain the mar'ijuana she needs to lead a tea=
 . .... sonably normal llfeo
 I¢,._ _h_H'L_cb__ fs a yo_n_g_woman in her mld=thCrt_eSo $h_ ?frst _-_
 exhibited sympl;oms of multiple sclerosis at age Ig and it was diagnosed at that
 time, Her conditior_ has grown progressively worse° She has been under the care
 of physicians and hospitalized for treatment, Many drugs have been prescribed
 for her by her doctors, At one point in 1983 she listed the drugs that had been
 - 43 =
 CC)!],_. "i /

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