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 Nonetheless, _n 1987 Or. Hepler was of the opinion that n_rijuana did not have a
 currently accepted medical .use in the U_ted States for the treatment of
 7, Four glaucon_ patients testified in these proceedings, Each has
 i found marljuana to be of help In controlling lOP,
 8. In 1984 the treatment of glaucoma with Cannabis was the subject of
 an Ophthalmology Grand Rounds at the University of California, San Francisco° A
 questionnaire was distributed which queried the ophthalmologists on cannabis
 therapy for glaucoma patients, refractory to standard treatment, Many of them
 have glaucoma patients who have asked about marijuana. Most of the responding
 ophthalmologists believed that THC capsules or smoked marijuana need to be avail=
 able for patients who have not benefitted significantly from standard treatment,
 g, In about IglB an unspecified number of persons In "the public health
 service sector in New Mexico, including some physicians, accepted marljuana as
 having medical use in treating glauce_,
 IO, A majority of an unspecified number of ophthalmologists known to
 Arthur Kaufman_ M,Do, who was formerly in general p_ractice but now is employed
 as a medical progr_ administrator, accept marijuana as havi_g _edlcal use in
 treatment of glaucoma.
 II. IB addltion to the physicians identified ancl referred to i:n:_iL
 flndings, above,_ .the t_stimony eli pal:fonts "F_:-t_s _._co_ es.t_bTlS_es that no
 more than three or four other physlclans consider _Irljuana to be medically
 useful in the treatment of glaucoBa in the United States_ One of those
 physicians actually wrote a prescription for _rlj_ana for a patient, which, of
 course, she was unable to have filled,

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