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 establls_e_ ::_er: peti)i_e_ _ b_i efs, .an _pe_iff_ _mber of othe_rpat ie_s,
 something in excess of 40_
 4_ Dr. North has _reated only one glaucoma patient using marijuana
 ._ mediclnal]y - _e same Robe_ Randall men_ned_immediately above. Dr. North
 _..... _:':_li:l__c_l_l_-'MrL"1_i_l_ll _s m_i_ci_ra_,_se of marijuana for nine years as of May
 .... l g87.
 5. Ors M_rritt has accepted marijuana as having an important place in
 _he tr_at_eht of "End Stage" gla_comao _End Stage" gla_coma_ essentially,
 _fines a patient who has already 1os_ substantial amounts of vision; available
 glaucoma control drugs are no longer able adequately to reduce the intraocular
  pressure (lOP) to prevent furthers progressive sight loss; the patient_ lacking
 additional %OP.r_ductlons, _ill go b%_nd.
 _ Robe_ $. Hepler, M.D_, _s a hfghly qualifi_ and experienced
 ophthalmologist. He has done research with respect to the effect of smoking
 marijuana on glaucoma. In December Ig75 he prescribed marijuana for the same
 Robert Randall m_ntioned above as a research subjects Dr. Hepler found that
 large dosages of smoked marijuana effectively reduced Robert Randall's _OP into
 the safe range over an entire test day. He concluded that the only known
 alternative to preserve Randall_s sight which would avoid the significant risks
 of surgery is to include marijuana as pan of Ramdall's prescribed medical
 regimen_ He fu_her concluded in 1977 that, if marijuana could have been
 legally prescribed, he would _ave prescribed it for Randall as part of Randall_
 regular glaucoma maintemance program had he been Randall|s personal phy_icia_o

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