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 - 1 MS_ MARES: _ell, Y '_hin_ that's probably
 2 true. I think that -- ! don't know what to say to
 3 that except that the states could have undertaken
 _ 4 their own programs_ but in essence, they would be in
 5 violation of federal lawo
 7 MSo MAPES: But they were research programs.
 8 They were set up under iND's_ I think that ACT and
 9 NORML's contention that this somehow makes them
 !0 scientifically controlled studies that are worthy of
 II great weight in this proceedings however, is not borne
 12 out by the way these studies were conducted.
 !3 And Z think that what we need to look at
 14 here iS jhst because FDA approved them as research
 15 studies_ does not mean the FDA in their approval of
 16 INDs indicated that they were for therapeutic or
 17 treatment purposes°
 !8 The FDA approval for these studies which
 19 were given were for research purposes° And this does
 20 not somehow give a stamp of approval for _t_reaI_mento
 21 The whole purpose is to do enough studies whether or
 22 not there is evidence for treatment.
 23 I am --
 24 JUDGE YOUNG: In who_s :mind?
 '_ 25 MS_ MAPE$: Well, that's the whole purpose
 (2_) 23&_33 W_SH_WGTO_, D.C. _OQO5 _) _2_800

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