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 ...... I opportunity for individual patient control by
 - 2 permitting the patient to regulate and maintain the
 3 high. '_
 4 Where is the conclusion that marijuana was
 5 superior in your study?
 6 A Again, quantifiably. The quantifiable
 7 amount, I'm going to repeat myself, the quantifiable
 8 aspects of it there is no evidence. Our observation,
 ....... 9 our capacity to see and make sense of what we see
 10 indicated to us that the smoked group might be
 11 preferable and don_t forget that I'm reporting to you
 12 we only had a few patients. We continued these
 13 protocols at the Farber Center for years. We didn:t
 14 stop with this study we continued _o wO_kr, fOr a long
 15 long time. We ended up with hundreds of patients.
 16 We're going over a study of 22 patients. If I were to
 17 _ tell you how many patients I saw who smoked marijuana
 18 after this study they werein the many dozens.
 19 Q But you chose not to write about that?
 20 JUDGE YOUNG: I think you've covered the
 21 point of this article. The article will speak for
 22 itself. Let's move along.
 24 Q Now doctor in paragraph 7 you go on to state
 25 that "Schedule 1 status of marijuana was the nearest
 1323 _HGD_ ISLA_ AVE_U_o N.W
 (2_Y_) 234-_ W_HIMGTOM. D.C. 2_05 _202) 232_00

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