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 I than placebo, correct?
 _ 2 A That is corrects But again you are
 S responding to only one item and I am saying that we
 4 reported in the New Enqland Journal of Medicine who
 5 accepted the article for publication that indicated
 6 that some other information worthy of being distributed
 7 and you want to know how things like medical usage
 8 become popular? It isn_ all through double blind
 9 studies and quantification_ It's through the reporting
 I0 of material like this in articles; ires through letters
 I_ to the editor. That's how current medical usage is
 ..... 12 established° Not only through the specific
 13 quantifiable data of double blind studies°
 14 Q Doctor_ I read to you from your own.study.
 IS It says "Hollister has shown that zhe effects of smoked
 16 THC clearly resemble thbse of marijuana. We have made
 ..... 17 preliminary observations comparing the anti-emetic
 18 effect of smoked marijuana and oral THC. The marijuana
 19 belonged to an individual patient and therefore was
 ...... 20 neither qualitatively or quantitatively controlled."
 21 For most patients, both smoked and oral routes had
 22 identical effects. Theoretically_ smoking might be the
 23 preferabie route since it may result in less
 24 variability of absorption than the gastrointestinal
 -_ 2_ route. Moreover_ smoking provides a greater

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