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 I it has importance with health, I mean again this recent
 2 ;4.eM England Journal study they stopped the study
 3 because they wanted to get out the information.
 4 So when we began to do the study we were
 5 doing the. strict study with THC and we began to find
 ...... 6 that our patients said they did better on marijuana,
 7 then we pay a lot of attention to that°
 8 Q But you didn't switch the study_ you finished
 9 this .study and you made certain conclusions on this
 10 study.
 II A We reported --
 12 Q -- Tell me if I_m wrong. On page 797,
 13 doesn't it say theoretically smoking might be the
 14 preferable route since it might res_it in less
 15 variability of absorption and gastrointestinal route?
 16 A It provides a greater opportunity for
 17 individual patient control and so on and _o forth,
 18 yeah
 19 Q But you're not giving any documentation.
 20 This is a theoretical assumption? ]_t_s not the
 2I conclusion of your _tudy, is it?
 22 A Sure.
 23 Q The study was to compare THC and a placebo.
 24 A It depends on how you define the study. If
 25 you are asking me_ as you are, specifically to the
 _323 RHOD_ _$LAMD AVeNUe, P_.W.

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