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 _:_ VI.
 Findl_ of Fact _.......
 The preponderance of the evidence establishes the following facts with
 respect°to the accepted medical use of _rijuana in the treatment of glaucomas
 l, _laucom is a disease of the eye characterized by the excessive
 accumulation Of fluid causing increased intraocular pressure, distorted vision
 and, ultimately, blindness, In its early stages this pressure can sometimes be
 relieved by the administration of drugs, When such medical treatment fails
 adequately to reduce the intraocular pressure (lOP), surgery is generally resorted
 to. Although useful In _ny cases, there Is a hlgh incidence of failure with
 some types of surgery, FtYrther, serious compllcations can occur as a result of
 invaslve surgery. Newer, non_Invasive procedures such as laser trabeculoplasty
 are thought by some to offer much greater efficacy with fewer complications,
 Unless the lOP is relieved and brought to a satisfactory level by one means or
 another, the patient will go blind,
 :L 2o Two highly quallfled and experienced ophthalmologists in the United
 States have accepted marijuana as having a medlc_Y_ _se.in treatment for_ _:.
 glauco_=_ llley_are JoI_L.I_erritt_ M_I_ a_Ri_hard D. North, M_ _ Each of"
 C_ t-hem Is both a clinician, treating patieBts, and a researcher. Dr, Merritt is
 also a professor of ophthalmology. Dr, North has served as a medical officer in
 ophthalmology for the Department of Health, Education and Welfare and has worked
 C/ with the Public Health Service and FDA.

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