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 /_ 2 Q But smoked wasn't part of the study?
 3 A No.
 4 Q Yet you conclude you have alternate therapy?
 5 A We had other data to draw on.
 6 Q Which was not part of the study?
 7 A It was not specifically part of the study.
 8 Q In fact, the study was only designed albeit
 9 apparently supposedly carefully to study the comparison
 lO between THC and a placebo, correct?
 11 A The_e_s a famous article in the field called
 12 "The Case Of The Floppy Eared Rabbits_ Serendipity Lost
 13 And Serendipity We Gains" And ires a very _amous article
 e 14 and the point of the article is if you're doing
 IS research and this had to do with experimental research
 16 youž if you get lost in doing the protocol exactly that
 ...... 17 way and don't pay attention to anything else that comes
 18 up, you may lose the most important part of the study░
 19 See, you're talking about it in a sort of
 20 straight line ways is that part of ;:he study. If
 21 you're an experimental researchers particularly in
 ....... 22 areas that have to do.with health and stuff like that
 23 you're really trying to pay attention to a lot of
 24 things. It may be off your protocol but if it begins
 25 to make sense and it particularly begins to seem like
 _t_ O
 1323 _,_C_C_! _$LAMD AVeNUe, NoW.
 (202) 23_4_3 WASHI_T_ _" ....

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