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 I dropped out. I think it was about 15o A number of
 _, 2 people died in the course of this study° We're dealing
B_ 3 with people who have a fairly intense cancer, you lose
 4 a lot of people. That's w+ith all the studies that have
 5 been done°
 S Q And do you know how many dropped out
 7 specifically because they didn+t want to smoke
 8 marijuana?
 9 A I don't know+ I would say 1Z_ 12, something
 I0 like that.
 11 Q Did you ever report that. in the study?
 ...... 12 A Yeah_ i think it was reported at the end of
 I3 the study and the other paper it's mentioned again. I
 14 don't remember exactly what. it said but I know we came
 15 out in favor of smoking rather than oral ingestion. We
 il had a lot of problems with absorption too.
 .... 17
 I Q That's not the conclusion of the study
 18 though, is it?
 19 A Yeah_ I think we said in the study --
 20 Q _- Doesn't the study say -_
 21 JUDGE YOUNG: -- Now wait a minute, Ms.
 22 Shirley, what's your answer, sir?
 23 THE WITNESS: I said that I+m sure that in
 24 the study we ended up coming out for the smoked -+ the
 _*_ 25 route of smoked being preferable° _'m sure of that.
 1323 _MOD| iSlAND AV_U_, N:W.
 {202} 23˘,˘_33 WASHINGTON, _.˘:+ 2a0,05

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