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 I Q Who did the patient observations?
 2 A We both did patient observations°
 3 Q Now were these in-patients or were they out-
 4 patients?
 5 A We did both. I think this samples i think
 6 this samples no, it was both_ I think. I know we did
 ? both but I don_t remember. ! don_t think it says. I
 S think it was mainly out-patients in this study.
 9 Q You had 22 patients who enrolled in the
 ]0 study. How many actually completed the study?
 11 A 22 completed it. We started off with lots
 12 more. We reported only on the patients that completed
 13 the _ntire study_ That was why the end was small. I
 O [4 think when we began we started withe i don't _now, much
 15 larger than that.
 16 Q This is -- the study that took place in '74
 ..... 17 that was published in _75, do you know how many started
 18 it?
 19 A I'm trying to think. 50_ 6_ something like
 20 that. 50_ I think.
 2I Q In other words there were 16 patients that
 22 received THC?
 23 A If it says so.
 24 Q How many patients dropped out of this study?
 ..... 25 A Well_ I donor remember exactly how many
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 1323 R_OD| ISLa_NO a, VENU_, N,W°
 (2_2) 23_aA33 WASHtNGTOM. D.Co 2_O˘5 '_ ........

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