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 1 Q You corrected the safe but did you make any
 2 changes to the protocol or the IND request the second
 3 time around?
 4 A I don't think they even requested changes in
 5 the protocol°
 6 Q But you donut know why you got turned down?
 T A I can't remember whys it was some [
 8 nonsensical business and we just gave up. You know
 9 we're both busy. It wasn't worth the trouble.
 10 Q Now with respect to the study you did with
 I_ Dr_ Sallan, was Dr. Sa!lan the principal investigator
 12 on the study?
 13 A Well, we split it. His name is on it more
 D 14 out of coutesy but he azranged it so we could do the
 !5 study. It's not an easy thing to do at a place like
 16 Farber Centers again_ using a drug like THC so Fry
 17 helped us do it and he was the senior author in the
 18 senses principal investigator because he did all of the
 19 arranging, you knows of who got the pills and how it
 ,..._ 20 worked and selecting the patients and you know on a
 21 randomized basis.
 22 Q He did the study design, then?
 23 A And I did all the interviewing and
 24 psychological aspects of it and all that so we split it
 2_ pretty nearly half and half.

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