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 of activity° From everything that _ see in the
 _ _ 2 !iterature_ the reported effects of the inhalation of
 marijuana smoke provide a totally different gradation
 4 and level of these types of side effectso these
 5 central nervouB system effects_ than do the currently
 6 utilized medications for glaucomas if and when they
 dow and we're specifically talking about carbonic
 anhydrase inhlbitors.
 But other_ a varisty of the glaucoma
 I0 d1_g_ cause a variety of psychological problems; is
 I 1 that true?
 12 E Rot to my knowledge°
 /_- (_ Okays _sn_t it true that many glaucoma
 14 drug_ partlcu!ar Timoptlc_ can cause death?
 15 E Timoptic has caused deaths 32 cases, in
 16 only four years of its use.
 17 _ Do you know of any deaths caused by
 _8 marijuana?
 19 E That's llke asking me if _ know of any
 20 death8 caused by drlnklng water°. No, _ don_t know of
 21 I
 any deaths caused by marijuana.
 One reason you're opposed to marijuana
 rescheduling, it seems to me_ in your affidavit is
 24 because of its dangers_ the dangers of marijuana. Is
 ; 25
 - that one" of the reasons you're opposed to marijuana
 (_0_) 23_a33 WASH|eGTOe, D,¢. 2_05 {9021 232-6600

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