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 particular relationship.
 _-_,. 2 _ You mentioned marijuana interferes -- you
 allege marijuana interferes with growth and
 development of adolescents. _ave any of the glaucoma
 5 drugs been studied for that as well?
 6_ E Probably Timolol because it would have to
 '7 be. There would have to be _ome tautological studies
 8 done with Timololo
 9 _ And do you knowt does that interfere with
 I0 growth and development?
 11 E Obviously it cou!dn_t have done it,
 12 Otherwise it wouldn't have gone on the market.
 f.-. _ Well, now we mentioned earlier that Diamox.
 14 E Diamox was grandfathered onto the market°
 15 _ I understand that_ but you mentioned
 16 earlier that Diamox has an effect on bone marrow
 !7 depletlon. Would that affect growth and development?
 18 _ Not necessarily, no. _ mean that'_ just
 ]9 turn-over o_ cells, X mean the bone marrow just
 20 makes new white cells. That"s all, and some red
 21 cells_ There's no =- that wouldn't affect growth per
 23 _ So other than Timolol, do you know of any
 24 studies concerning growth and development of
 % _ 25 adolescents and other glaucoma drugs?

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