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 ...... ° 9-13%
 I infected with common pathogens _ X mean we're all
 _xposed to bacteria and everyth_ng in the environment
 3 --then one would be suspicious that that would
 4 induce immunosuppression in those patients.
 5 YOU kn_ I take immunosuppressives, and so
 6 _ have to be very careful about the people I mingle
 7 with, as to what bug they °have_ They need to wear a
 . 8 mask. So, yes, in my particular case -- and I hate
 to keep on using me as an example, but --
 lO _ It's the thing you know best.
 E I'm the closest thing to the biological
 12 experiment that • know°
 13 Son yes_ in those instances, but then
 |4 take an i____nosuppresslve. So it's not surprising_
 15 but if there was a trigger somewhere from
 16 observations of people that a particular drug was
 17 causing an effect like that, then you would raise
 l_ that suspicions and obviously there would be some
 19 kind of study done to see if this was a real thing,
 - 20
 you kn_.
 21 O, Okay
 SO the reason there are no reports or no
 investigations doesn't mean to say that nobody has
 thought about it or even con..sidered it, but there
 - 25 have been no grounds upon which to examine that
 1323 _HODE gSLA_ _V_NIJE. N.W.

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