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 _t could act through a different
 2 biochemical pathway to induce the end result that one
 3 is looking for, but how it work8 we simply donut
 4 _OW o
 5 _ So it_s possible what they sald in this
 6 study is stú11 trues _t could Be a different site of
 ? action and therefore a helpful addition to the
 glaucoma medicatlons _
 @ _ See, I have difficult with the site of
 I0 action business because _ only see two sltes of
 I l action ultimate!y o.
 _2 _ The in-flow and out-Elow?
 13 E The in-_low site and the out-flow slte. So
 i4 perhaps this is a difference in perspectlve. _t may
 !5 act through a different bloclhemical pathway from
 _6 other systems --
 ....... I? Q. That'8 what _ mean░
 -. 18 E -_ which specifically primarily act on
 19 receptors _ perhaps, but since we don _ t know how so_e
 ...... 20
 of the ingredients in marijuana work, it's a
 21 difflcu!t question to --
 22 _ If it were true tha_ it caused thls out-
 23 flow because of a different, as _ say, site of
 24 action, and you have your own t_rmlno!ogy --
 25 A. Yeah, rlght.

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