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 ii 9_122
 _s there any evidence that marijuana has a
 , deleterious effects any evidence at this point that
 marijuana has a deleterious effect on visual function
 or ocular structure?
 5 E No. I
 6 @ No _idence at this point? i
 7 i
 Thank you_
 9 The other point they make that _ thought
 was important in their conclusion was that marijuana
 smoking may differ from the mechanism action of
 12 standard anti-glaucoma drugs ands therefore, could be
 _. a crucial additlve to glaucoma medication.
 i4 Would you agree with that statement?
 15 A No. The evidence _ince that time has
 _6 certainly shown that the cannabinoids -- because
 ....... 17 that's where the Informatlon ha_ been garnered. It
 t8 certainly hasn't been garnered for marijuana by
 19 inhalation, to the best of my knowledge -- that some
 . 20 of the cannablnolds and the way in Which they works
 21 by increasing _-fflow ffacillty --
 JUDGE YOUNG: Is what?
 THE WITNESS: Is by increasing the rate of
 movement cut of the eye, sir, which is one of the
 ,: ways of decreasing the eye pres_ure,
 NEAh R. GRO$5
 couRT _E_.TmS ASD T_AN_C.m_S

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