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 Would you say developing a topical drop of
 _, 2
 marijuana components was a primary effort?
 .... E No_
 How important was topical drops to your
 5 efforts?
 6 A Zt's 8imply one Of those avenues of things
 7 that presents itself when you're trying to see how
 things go in the world of sclen_e. You knows we are
 deal_ng, after all, with an ocular disease if one is
 10 looking at these thlng8 pot_ntially for use in
 glaucoma° Glaucoma being an ocular problem, one
 12 would like to =- the most efficacious way of
 f_ 13 delivering any drug to the eye is through a topical
 14 dzllg rather than systemic application, despite a lot
 15 of problems that one _uld have., with the make-up of
 16 the vehicle for a topical drop in terms of because
 17 the material is primarily lipid-soluble.
 18 Then we went through the ususal, to my
 ]9 mind, the usual things. _ mean this is not
 20 exclusively what _'m -- I mean _ve got three or four
 21 other thlngs that I_m working on which are non-
 marijuana related_ but we're doing exactly the same
 23 thlngs to and have done in the past. So this is just
 a logical progresslon of a sezles of studies to seer
 _ 2.5 first oof all, what was the most efficacious

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