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 T░_at is also t_eo
 _ Okay░ Now_ _ want to _irst talk about
 Timopt!c and Timolol and the beta=blockers░ What
 percentage drop in intraocular pressure is typical
 5 wlth those drugs?
 6 _ On the averages some_here on the order of
 7 _LbOUt 2G to 25 percent.
 8 _ Okays As far as long=term use of these
 d_gss isn't it true that it"s effective in only
 |0 about 40 percent of the patient_?
 II E Well_ _ think the _umber is a little higher
 than that on the long-term effects.
 F _- '_I What do you think it _.s?
 14. _ Well_ I_ve heard Zimmerman say it's
 15 somewhere on the order of about 60 percent of the
 16 patients on the iong_term effects, and then of the
 _T other 40 percent, 20 percent of them will come back
 18 to some point half way between their maximal effect
 Ig and no effect, arts then 5he _est of the patient
 20 population will show no response whatsoever.
 21 _ _sn't it true that Timoptlc was originally
 22 developed a_ a heart medicine?
 23 E Yes_ it _as develó_ped a_ _ systemic
 2_ medication _ correct
 25 _ Okay. Are you aware that =- you state in
 <202) _34._t_133 _$HBN_TO_0 D. C0 200g_ _202) 232_S00

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