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 ....... 9-74
 this case if we"re talklng abo_L= a drug for glaucomas
 - 2
 you would says yes_ it would decrease !ntraocular
 Then you would go into a third phase where
 you would have a multl-center study where you would
 6= have established different criteria with as many
 objective, rather than _bJective_ criterla_ and by
 mobjectlve_ _ mean measurable. You sit a person in
 % front o_ a machine. You measure a visual field, or
 you measuze intraoc_lar pzessure_ or you measure out-
 11 flow_ something; meaeure out (inaudible) for turnover
 rates. These types of things would be included with
 _- a full statistical analysis of it.
 ..... |4 That would have to be included. Otherwise
 you would never convlnce any ophtha!mologist. You'd
 16 have to include in that visual field. So the study
 1? would have to be over long eno_gh time to enable you
 ]8 to include that a8 a crlterion_ _t couldn't be one
 ]9 week because what would you expect to see in one
 - 2_ week? You kno_ we would anticipate very little
 21 change even under the worst ca_e condltions_ $o it
 22 would have to be of eu_flclently long duration so
 23 that one could have an evaluation of these other
 2_ criteria.
 Can you tell me some names of studle_
 _3_3 R_OD| _SLAND AV_N_. N.W.
 (2_) 234-4433 _ASH_GTO_, D.Co 2_00F. (2021 232-66_0

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