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  . _ _I, Association cond_ci_ed a poll Im which 80% of the doci_or_ _o_img %o
 %he kssocia%ion favored con%rolled availability of marijuana for n_dical
 pu_oses o
 From the ?oregoing uncontroverted facts it _s clear beyond any question
 that n_ny people find marijuana to have, in the words of the Act_ an _accept_d
 sedical use in Creatment in the United States '_ _n el?coting relief for c_nc_r
 patients. Oncologists. physicians %reati_g cancer patients, accept t_!s_ Other
 medical practitioners and researchers accept _his_, M_dica_ ?acuity professors
 accept _o Nurses performing hands-on pa_ien_ care accept _.
 Patients accept its As counsel for CCA perceptively pointed out a_ oral
 . argument, acceptance by _he pa_ent is of vital importances Doctors accept a
 therapeutic agent or process only if _ _ork_ _ for _he pa_iento If the patient
 does not accept, the doctor canno_ administer the _reatmento The patient'S
 informed consent is vi_al_ The doctor asce_ains _he patient's acceptance by
 observing and listening to the patient. Acceptance. by %he doctor depends on
 what he sees in: _he pa_en_ and hears from the pa_ent_ U_questionab_y,
 patients in _arge numbers have accepter marijuana as useful in treating their
 e_esiso The have foundthat i_ "works|_ Ooctors, evaluating their patients,
 can have no basis more sound than that for their own acceptance.
 Of relevance, also, is the acceptance o_ n_rijuana by state attorneys-
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