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 as having med-ical use in treatment° He was elected Vice President of the
 National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) in 1983_ He was instrumental
 in the adoption by that body in June _983 of a resolution acknowledging the
 efficacy of marijuana for cancer and glauco_ patients. The resolution expressed
 the suppose of NAAG for legislation then pending in the Congress to make _ri_
 juana avaoilable on prescription to cancer and glau(:oma patients. The resolution
 was adopted: by an overwhelming margin® MAAG's Pre,_ident, the Attorney General
 E_' of Montana, issued a statement that _rijuana does have accepted medical uses
 and is improperly classified at present, The Chaii_n of NAAG_s Criminal Law
 and Law Enforcement Committee, the Attorney Genera'l of Pennsylvania, issued a
 .:_ staten_nt emphasizing that the proposed reschedulii_g of marijuana would in no
 way affect or impede existing efforts by law enforcement authorities to crack
 down on illegal drug trafficking,
 ': 37. At least ooe court has accepted marljuana as having medical use in
 treatment for chemetherapy patients. On January 2:3, 197B the Superior Court of
 Imperial County, California issued orders authorizing a cancer patient to possess
 and use marijuana for therapeutlc purposes under the direction of a physicia_
 Another order authorized and directed the Sheriff _}F the county to release r_ri--
 juana from supplies on hand and dellver it to that patient in such form as to be
 usable In the form of.cigarettes, •
 degr_ of_p_llc acceptance of _arljuana as effective In treating cancer and
 glaucoma patients. A poll In Nebraska brought slightly over l,O00 responses -
 83% favored making marijuana available by prescrlpi:ion, 12% were opposed, 5%
 were undecided. A poll in Pennsylvania elic_ted 1,008 responses - 83_1% favored
 ..... _ a._iTability by prescription, 12,2% were opposed, 4_7% were undecided. These
 ® 2B

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