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 _ i and can't use. lt. And there who
 2 frightened away by that.
 3 There are patients who have detent with their
 4 family, even though they have broken out of the mainstream
 5 of what we regard as soclally acceptable, whose families
 8 will sl there and say, "You know, you cannot use such and
 ? such a substance." You know, you slt there with the family
 8 and you see the mother look horrified when you are talking
 9 to her boy about, you know, Compazlne doesn't work, Reglan
 10 doesn,t work. What el_e do you do and you know what she's
 1i thanking or she may actually say about the use of
 12 marijuana, because iris illegal. I_: has that connotation.
 13 It's against the law.
 C 14 Q Is that why John wouldn't use mariJuana?o
 15 A Oh, yeah. John was a Southerner -- was a
 16 Southerner. He worked for the government in the Forest
 17 Service, and was _ust Mr. Straight Arrow.
 18 Q Just two lest questions.
 19 Docto_ do you think marijuana has an
 20 accepted medical use in the United States?
 21 A _ do,
 22 Q Do you think mar_uana is safe and effective
 23 under medical supervimlon?
 24 A I do.
 25 Q No further questions.

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