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 I street drags for AIDS,
 2 We -_. after we_ve heard this a couple of
 3 times_ we may go and say to our colleagues_ _Have you heard
 4 the same stories?" And when we begin all to hear the same
 5 storles0 we begin to see whether it has some substance.
 8 ___: But there are clearly, _ think, two levels_
 Z We talk as physlolans_ bu_ our patients also talk to us,
 8 and I think they're both levels of valld, albeit not
 9 published research.
 i0 Q is that your experience then with marijuana?
 11 A It is.
 12 Q Just a couple of more questions for you_
 13 Doctor.
 C 14 Do you. feel patients accept marijuana as
 15 medicine?
 16" A Not totally. San Francisco_ and again I can
 17 only speak totally for this commun:ity, San Francisco is a
 18 heterogeneous community. Because it has been, again my
 19 practice is dominantly, although not excluslvely_ gay.
 20 Because San Francisco has been supportlve %o
 21 the gay llfe style, many people come from many different
 22 areas. And I get people that come from very strict areas
 23 of the South and the Midwest. And many of these people
 24 have grown up wlth strong feelings°
 2S The government says that this is the demon
 • i!

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